Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, Monday

So, I took pictures of my outfit today to kick off my Tardy Spring Fashion Week. However, since hubbs had already left for work and I don’t have the cool self picture taking capabilities of a Mac, I had to rely on the self portrait in front of a full length mirror. The images suck, and I still need to upload them this evening. But dammnit, they will be up. I promise.

At work on Friday, I burned my hand on scalding hot water from my instant soup. At one point I contemplated going home (it was that painful). I pictured large blisters that were going to appear. I Googled “How long does it take for blisters to appear on burns”. I couldn’t focus. I wandered aimlessly through the halls looking for someone to take pity on me. I texted Hubbs and got no response. By a couple hours later, the area was still red, but no blisters. And the next morning, no blisters. WTF? I am not saying I want a blister, but when I contemplate leaving work due to the pain on my HAND, you know it must be bad. All I am asking is for some proof, cause I rarely leave work for pain or illness. I am one of those stubborn jackasses.

I have a stiff neck today. Nothing makes me crankier than a stiff neck. Maybe it’s the years of physical therapy and chiropractors (from a bad car accident when I was 18) that make me sensitive to anything back or neck related. Or it could be the 8 weeks of excruciating sciatica when I was pregnant. I think I slept on it wrong. But damn, am I pissed today.

We had a lovely Easter weekend. Despite the weather being absolutely disgusting yesterday, it was still a great time. My mom prepared an fantastic dinner, Miss S looked like such a doll in her Easter dress with her cousins. I ate way too many chips and dip before dinner and proceeded to engorge myself on mashed potato casserole and ham, and maybe some chocolate Easter eggs too.

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