Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Angry, Hear Me Roar

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous. It reached way over 80 degrees so to celebrate my mom and I took Miss S to the main park in our town. Once we got into the playground area a little girl came running up to Miss S, and I quickly realized that it was her friend from daycare who we will call “Hillary”. Hillary is just under 2 and quite bigger than Sonya. Miss S was so excited to see Hillary at the playground. I greeted her mom and introduced myself. She acted kind of aloof and then referred to Miss S by the wrong name which kind of put me off. We sat there watching the girls say hello when all of a sudden Hillary grabs a huge handful of damp sand and through it full force right into Sonya’s face. Seriously, Hillary was not even a foot away when she did this.

I sat there shocked. In fact we all sat there shocked. I then noticed that Sonya had clumps of sand in her mouth and in her eye. So I swooped in and picked her up and headed towards the stroller to clean her up. Meanwhile, Hillary’s mom didn’t do anything. She told Hillary to “Apologize to Sonya”. Like she even knew how to do that. She didn’t even discipline her or anything. Miss S is really tough and only cries from pain only rarely. I am not sure that since Hillary’s mom saw that Miss S wasn’t crying that she didn’t think it was a big deal. Either way, I was so incredible pissed that Hillary was not punished. The worst part of the incident was seeing Sonya’s face right after she took the sand to it. She looked at Hillary and you could tell her feelings were really hurt.
It breaks my heart thinking about that face. I stewed over it all day yesterday. My mom and I could not believe Hillary’s mom’s lack of punishment. I know she might have been embarrassed, but if Sonya did it to Hillary I would be of been checking to see if Hillary was okay, and would of then marched my daughter up to the car and left because Hillary knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

So this morning I told daycare what happened. Unfortunately, the main lady wasn’t in the room at that moment but I still told the helper and I will tell the main lady this afternoon when I pick her up. And if I see Hillary’s mom in passing, I don’t plan on giving her the time of day. Maybe that is immature. But this is about my daughter and she pissed me off. No one puts sand in my baby’s face.


Jeninacide said...

Yeah, this is what we refer to in my family as The Mother Tiger. I get ridiculously pissed when my child is injured or disregarded, or his feelings are hurt by someone insensitive. GRRR!!

The park always seems to be filled with kids who are not being disciplined or even WATCHED by their parents. Bigger kids are always plowing over little Coleton. PISSES ME OFF!

Just Jiff said...

Maybe I'm a bitch, but I would've walked over to the mother and said, "SONYA is okay, thank you for not caring enough to ask."

Kids are going to do things like this, and it happens a lot, but kids have to be taught between right and wrong. The kid probably acts out at home because she doesn't get any attention. Since the mom was so aloof, that would be my guess. Then again, maybe she's exhausted... but still, you apologize to the other parent and make sure the other kid is okay. What a lazy bitch.