Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work it

Sonya had her first professional photos taken today. Talk about the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to get them back!

So since I am going back to work soon (boo) I decided I needed to incorporate a fitness routine with my new work and baby routine. I remember Jen saying how much Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred worked, so I went ahead and ordered it. I hate going to the gym. I would much rather do things at home. But I don't like working out for long periods of time or else I get bored and lose interest, or maybe it is just me getting too exhausted. Anyhoo, I need something 30 minutes or less which is why I picked this one. Also, I can't find my 20 minute Winsor Pilates DVD. I think I lost it when we moved and am hoping to rediscover it one of these days, like when I decide to go through all of my old Donald Duck trinkets I collected when I was 12, or 18....or 26. I am super bummed I lost it, it really is the best work out ever. It helped me get super toned before we got married.

Either way, we'll see how that 30 Day Shred goes, thinking about starting it on Friday.... we'll see.

Sonya is rolling all over the place now. No longer can she be content on her back on the activity mat, she is now rolling over and over and over! It is so cute.

"Hey Mom, don't turn away, I am about to roll across the house quicker than you can make your microwave oatmeal!"


Lindz said...

Don't forget you can access the shred on demand if you have comcast. I've done it and I like it as well. I did not have the problem that Jen did though about getting too muscular, I just was REALLY sore and had great workouts! Good luck.

MarvelousMOM said...

She is so freaking cute. Rolling over!?!? What a little stud. I love it. I have the Shred just waiting on my DVD shelf. I am prepared! I want to know what you think about it!

Jeninacide said...

Good Luck with the SHRED! Be prepared to be sore! And you will probably have to lay on the couch for at least a half an hour after doing it... Just FYI!

Midwest Mommy said...

I am curious how the Shred video works. I really, really, really need to get my butt in gear.