Friday, February 6, 2009


Thank you to my commenter's on yesterday's post. You made me feel SOOOO much better :)

A couple of random things that have been going on around the Marshmallow homestead. Hubbs and I went and saw Gran Torino last weekend while my parents watched Sonya. It was a really good movie. I am surprised Clint Eastwood was not nominated for at least Best Director. We also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Was I the only one who thought that movie was over rated? For the most part I like Brad Pitt, but I was not impressed. It was an "okay" movie in my books. Definitely no Forrest Gump.

We also rented Pineapple Express. It was pretty funny but got way too goofy at the end. In the movie, a type of weed "Snicklefritz" is mentioned. That is what my grandma (who was German) and my mom called me when I was little and is what my mom now calls Sonya. I thought that was the funniest moment.

I got my hair done the other day and I am now way too blonde. I told my hair stylist to make me look Scandinavian (which I am) and now I look like the freaking St. Pauli girl. I am naturally blonde but these super blonde highlights just might be a bit too much for this mama. I don't know, she said she could put in a couple more low lights if I wanted. Since I was so shocked with the color I did not even really pay attention to her cutting my hair and walked out and was astonished at how short it was. I cut it right before I gave birth because it was getting so dry and I have really been liking my blunt, sits on the collar bone length but now it is a bob. Oh, well, my prenatal vitamins make my hair grow really quickly so it should get back to my desired length in no time. I still take them since I am breastfeeding.

Ever since my niece's 3rd birthday the other weekend where my sister-in-law made Sprinkles cupcakes, I have been craving cupcakes. I think Hubbs and I might need to venture down to the local cupcake shop for Valentine's Day and get a Red Velvet cupcake. Sounds so good right now...


Lainey-Paney said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. red velvet cupcakes.... yum.

Misguided Mommy said...

i wanna see pics of the uber blonde hair