Thursday, February 12, 2009

Around the Ol' Homestead

I got my hair fixed. Well, it wasn't really broken to begin with but I felt I just needed a couple more lo-lites.

As I am writing this I hear Sonya farting so loud while asleep in car seat carrier (we just got home from running errands). On Tuesday I took her to the doctor because she had a pretty bad diaper rash that was not going away. The ped ran an hour behind!!!! Good thing she was perfect and did not get fussy in that hour. The ped just prescibed a Cortisone cream it is already starting to clear up.

It's finally started to act like winter around here, by winter, I mean rain. Which I love. Yesterday I took Sonya out for a drive around this neighborhood which I want to move to one day. It is the kind of neighborhood with huge grown trees, Victorian and Tudor style homes and uneven streets. I love old homes. That's the thing about living on the West Coast, the historical homes are not as plentiful as the East Coast. The neighborhood never has homes for sale because it is that perfect. While we drove around the rain was dumping down. The neighborhood school had huge cut out hearts in the windows that the students had made for Valentine's Day. I envisioned myself in one of the houses on the street, snuggled up next to a fire with my daughter.

Speaking of Valentine's Day. We don't have much for plans. Since it is on a Saturday we will probably just be low-key. We'll do the dinner thing, but nothing fancy since we will have little snicklefritz with us. I asked for See's candy from the hubbs. What a cliche, but seriously, my sweet tooth has been craving it! Does anyone else have wild plans?

Sonya's farts must of woken her up. Off to go get her!


Jiff said...

Those kinds of neighborhoods are so awesome!

No plans here. And for once, I don't even care. I guess having a baby filled that void for me. I'm sure hubby would be happy to know that, but I'll let him sweat it out. lol.

Hope you have a great weekend!

MarvelousMOM said...

Those kinds of neighborhoods are the best.

We have zero plans for Valentine's Day. We have the kiddos, so I am sure it will be spent with the four of us snuggling which is awesome. Maybe we will do dinner later or something.

And super cute about her farting!!!