Monday, June 14, 2010


So my weekend was a warm and sunny. So warm that we had to turn on the AC, Miss S played in the sprinkler (so high class) and I went searching for summer dresses for the entire family minus except for Hubbs. It felt like the first real summer weekend we have had around here because our weather has been so crappy and January-like.

We decided we wanted to join a close by Health Club with a great pool and planned that yesterday would be a great day to test it out. Miss S was acting strange all morning, refusing to eat or drink even water and to the touch her head was warm. Not much of a temp, but as soon as 11:30 a.m. rolled around she was passed out for her nap, without even a bite of lunch.So she woke up her normal self and I offered her JELLO (I thought this was a genius idea) and blueberries, things I knew she would want to eat. She wolfed them down and we decided to pack up and head to the pool. I should of known she was still not feeling fine when she didn’t eat her goldfishies on the way over. This girl never turns down goldfishies.

Swimming was fine but when we got out she just sat on my lap and we lounged for a good 30 minutes. Which I totally loved because she never snuggles long like that. Notice my Happy Face!

I soon noticed her kind of grunting (or so I thought) until all of a sudden she spewed out bright red liquid Jello and blueberries, I am sure it was horrifying to see and so much for that genius idea. Turns out, super sweet things like that are not digested well. Who knew? We cleaned her up, got her home and into bed.

Needless to say, my lofty idea of BBQ-ing hamburgers, having corn on the cob and making potato salad went out the window and Hubbs and I ended up having Carl’s Jr. where I also learned they have changed up their recipe for French Fries, which I was completely disappointed about. But I was still able to shove them down.


Anonymous said...

Wise men learn by other mens mistakes; fools by their own. ............................................................

Christy said...

My daughter is the puking queen. She has the weakest stomach.

Sorry to hear about the sickness.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! I am not great at handling puke.