Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Miss S split open her bottom lip on Thursday morning. I was just barely into the door at work when I got the phone call from Daycare saying that she had tripped and fell and that she might need stitches. I heard her wails in the background and I knew it was serious because:

1) She is super tough and rarely carries on after she falls, and she falls hard ALL. THE. TIME
2) The word stitches. The thought of stitches on my little girl made me shiver and I immediately called hubbs to pick her up and headed over to the doctor's to meet her. I myself, received stitches to my head when I was a 5 and I still remember the pain. Not to mention the 40 or so to my forehead when I was 18 from a car accident. Stitches suck and are scary.

When I saw the lip I thought to myself there was no way she wasn't getting stitches. I pictured Hubbs and I holding down her flailing arms and legs as the doctor tried to administer the numbing shots. NO THANK YOU. I started tearing up at the thought when Hubbs told me to calm down and be strong for her.

Just then the doctor came in, inspected her and exclaimed "You are lucky! No stitches!". Apparently, since the cut was right on the top of her lip and not on her face, it would heal really quickly.

Unfortunately, every time I looked at her lip I got queasy. It looked like the frickin' Grand Canyon. And so the doctor noticed and told me I should sit down. Ummm.... so much for being strong.

So we hung out at home for the rest of the day. I tried not to look at her owie and I smothered her in kisses and hugs, and some Jello and ice cream.

Now it just looks like a grey blister right on her bottom lip, I still can't believe how quick it has healed. Still pretty yucky, but it seems to be healing nicely. The rest of the weekend was much less stress.

Although, Miss S managed to skin her knee and hand and take a couple other falls off the couch, etc. Good thing I hi-lite my hair or else I would be gray by the time I am 30!