Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazon Shout Out

I posted here about two things I had purchased at Amazon. I read the cookbook and learned a quite deal about Olive Oil and antioxidents in Herbs. I have yet to make any recipes, but I plan to this week or next. Everything seems to look very yummy. I did pick up some fresh Basil today just to start using more fresh herbs rather than dried.

As far as Mommywood, I am still reading it. It is entertaining, however, not too complex of writing, but if you want a quick summer chic lit book, here it is.

Now on to my latest Amazon purchase...... wait for it......

Ta Da!

The Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Maker. It is AWESOME! Not only is it sooooo quick to set up (no more filling up a filter, spilling coffee grounds and pouring in the water). Also, no more coming out into the kitchen to find that coffee has overflowed out of the pot on to the counter and floors.
The coffee tastes really fresh and yummy. I am no coffee snob, but I do notice the difference between stale, bland and sour coffee and so far this sucker has not produced any of those. I am a smitten kitten. I truly believe this will change your morning routine has much as it has mine. I have easily shaved off 5 minutes of my a.m. scramble. I need all the help I need in the morning for this working mom.

What will be my Amazon purchase next week???

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