Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorites Friday

I've been absent, I know. Work is been too busy and I haven't found an ounce of time for anything. So let's get back into it with a Favorites Friday. Here are some of my favorites for Spring.

White Pants: I had the perfect pair last summer from Banana Republic, however, I washed them and failed to take out the hot pink Post-It note out of the pocket. Basically, I now have a pair of pastel pink pants, which, unless you are in Kindergarten, I haven't found to be a flattering color. This pair from GAP look to be perfect to wear with wedges through the Spring & Summer months.
Essie in Sugar Daddy: Until recenlty I thought that the only time I could pull off nail polish was if I went to get an actual manicure. I found this perfect color that I can put on myself and not see any mess ups. And to be honest, the consistency is really nice so it actually looks perfect right off the bat.

Loreal Sublime Bronze AirBrush: I am Norwegian and German which translates to: one white ass chick. So I fake it through the warmer months with self tanner.  I usually try a couple of them each year and this is the first one. I prefer the sprays because it doesn't leave a thick layer subject to streaking and also provides a more even look. This one also doesn't stink.
Bright Flats: Just picked up this pair from Target last week and I love them. Teal is the perfect color combo to pink, yellow, red, camel, brown,  black, white, pretty much everything. We all know my love for flats. Here is the pair for you to show off your cute pedicures too!
Aviators: I love Aviator sunglasses. I will take them any day over the big plastic version (not that they look bad) but to me, Aviators look chic and sexy and especially on those days at work when I have a big meeting and am looking fly, just putting them on gives me Instant Confidence. True Story. I am actually on the hunt for some new ones. I have a pair of really nice D&G aviators that have gotten bent while in the hands of a little toddler girl I know... so must get a new pair! Might just stick to the originals this time....
Tina Fey: I have been on the Tina Fay bandwagon before there was a bandwagon. I've always admired her talent, wit, and ability to hold it down in a boys club. As soon as I heard she was putting a book out, I knew I had to get it. Just ordered it on Amazon and I can't wait to start reading it this weekend.

What are your Spring essential Favorites?


Nikosmommy said...

After years of wearing ginormous, oversized sunglasses I'm now all about aviators too. And I don't mind my rayban wayfarers too...they scream summer!!

I can't wait to start working on my real tan because after 6 months of rocking this "arctic tan" its time for some colour!!

Christy said...

Hey, just dropping by to say hello. Where have you been? I hope all is well in your world.