Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer, Or So It's Called....

So apparently this thing we call Summer finally decided to show it's face to those of us in the Bay Area. After two months of October like weather with a ridge of cool air on top of us, the temps climbed to 108 today. That is not a typo, nor do I live in Dallas. It was THAT hot. Maybe even hotter, but when I was driving home at 5, that is the temperature  the car was reading. But don't worry, temps will be back to their cool self of 72 degrees by Saturday.

It was just Saturday that I was wandering through the outlet mall loading Miss S up on fall clothes, shivering in my jeans and plaid shirt. It is been so chilly, Miss S has worn her summer dresses, maybe one time. Two times, max. Her sun suits? Forgetaboutit.

Because of the random weather this summer, I have been pining for fall clothes even more than normal. Here are a couple of the items on my wish list.

These Franco Sarto boots look perfect for weekends, running errands with Miss S in tow or more casual days at the office with skinny jeans tucked in.

I love a nice trench coat. The fact that this one from GAP is cropped, makes it even that much more chic and gives it a more casual spin.

I pretty much want everything from The Loft right now. And I plan on this cardigan being my staple. In the dark charcoal (shown) or the chocolate, mustard and plum, they will look ultra cute over a profesional blouse or a more casual flowy top either with skirts, dresses or jeans.

Nothing says "It's Fall" more than Tweed, especially in the blazer form. I am always a sucker for blazers, especially when tweed. In a tweed blazer I feel like I should be kicking the leaves down a path at Yale. I wonder if this one has elbow patches? This olive version from J. Crew will look cute with jeans and pencil skirts.

So that sums it up my shopping list for Fall.

P.S. In high school I wanted to be a meteorologist, hence my minor obsession with the local weather and extreme weather conditions in various parts of the country.


Neil and Meredith Larson said...

Those boots are just what I've been looking for! and I have been on a three year search for the perfect timeless boot

Lindz said...

One thing I can look forward to in the fall... back to school clothes!