Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sore Boobs and Being a Mommy

Okay, who forgot to tell me that your nipples get so freaking sore in the beginnings of breastfeeding? Seems like little Sonya is a little barracuda therefore each initial latch on is quite painful and causing strained facial expressions on my part. Oh well, the pain is worth it. I do think they are slowly beginning to get better.

Today is the first day on my own. Hubbs had to go to a couple of meetings so I am alone with the little peanut. So far, I have had a cup of coffee, breakfast and even squeezed in a magazine read, but still no shower. The shower can wait. I have changed about 15 ass-plosion diapers, this girl really knows how to drop bass!

Yesterday we ventured out to Target together. I just was not confident enough to go by myself with the little one. I keep on worrying that she will wake up mid-shopping demanding the boob. So the Hubbs came along to steer the cart and watch over little Sunshine. Hopefully within the next few days I will be okay with starting to run errands on my own.

Lucy and Patty don't know what to think about this new addition to the home. Lucy had sneaked in a couple sniffs and licks but for the most part, she is staying away. Patty is pretty butt hurt that someone else has taken her place as a snuggle partner. She will not even jump on the couch if we are on it. I hope she comes around soon as I do like snuggling with the kitty.

Another interesting thing about postpartum is the amount you sweat. I seriously break out in a sweat throughout the night and most of the time when I am breastfeeding. I think I have sweat my pregnancy weight away. Just shows how much fluid you retain.

I am working on Sonya's birth story but with my pace around here, it will not be up for a couple of days. In the meantime, I am going to go back to snuggling with my girl.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I hear ya on the nipple pain sister, mine cracked and bled. It does get better.

Does your sweat smell funny? I would sweat so much that I would soak through to my mattress pad. And it smelled like doritos, gross I know. Also, weird.

Steph said...

I have heard about the nipple pain...kinda nervous for it. But I am sure it is worth it!

Christy said...

Breastfeeding is pretty hard for the first month or so, but it gets easier and your nipples will stop hurting.

Jiff said...

I wish I could've breastfed!!! Bay was too early and too little...and my boobs were too big. :(

Anyway, I pumped and man, I got sore. Nothing like getting bitten, though, so I bet it hurts!! Hang in there -- we are all proud of you!

And worry about the birth story later. You go get all those snuggles with your teensy tiny baby now, because when you blink she'll be a year old!!!

Jeninacide said...

Have you tried that Lansinoh lanolin breast cream stuff? It really REALLY helps. You just put it on your nipples and it keeps them hydrated and protects them and you can nurse the baby with the ointment on your nipples and it provides lubrication to make it more comfortable. I only had to use it a few times and it made everything better.