Monday, January 16, 2012

Compress This- Need Fashion Advice

As I mentioned in my last post, this pregnancy has been rough. One of the most embarassing issues so far is the fact that my right ankle is now home to a combo of vericose and spider veins. I also have smaller patches throughout the same leg. I am mortified as my legs are one of my better assets. I am self concious about it when I wear shoes that don't cover my feet, which aside from boots, is everything! I don't know what I am going to do during the summer. Just grin and bear it, wear an ace bandage or a maxi skirt every day.

My docs say that it should get better after the baby is born however, I already plan on marching down to the nearest laser center within a few months of delivery to get them zapped. I am normally not that vain (no pun intended) or superficial but since people can see them with normal shoes, it is making me obsessed.

At my last check up, my OBGYN recommended wearing compression stockings to help things not get worse. So of course, being desparate I ran to the surgical supply place and threw down $80 on a custom pair. I now wear them all day long which still doesn't help with the shoe problem. In fact, stockings poking out of my shoes are actually a lot more obvious than the situation itself. Needless to say, if I wear tights or boots, there is no problem. However, I don't know if I can physically wear dresses or boots every day until May 3rd.... I love me some flats and heels... and is it even appropriate to wear boots so much?
Just call me Blanche.
 Meanwhile, I have started exercising more to help with circulation and been drinking a lot more water. However, I am terrified to see what they look like in another 16 weeks. I just need some suggestions as these mofos are driving me mad!


Anth said...

Sorry this is outside my area of expertise. I had visible veins on my L calf during my 2nd pregnancy that I was kind of freaking out about. By 6 months postpartum they were tons better. But I don't think they qualified as varicose or spider veins. They weren't very visible at all throughout my 3rd pregnancy. Maybe that helps you feel better? :/

Lindz said...

Awww, hang in there! Dressing while pregnant is hard enough, I feel like veins and cellulite are just an added insult. Did you get the veins with your last pregnancy, too?