Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What to Wear: Maternity Edition

This belly is getting big. So big that at just shy of 19 weeks I am scared to see what I'm going to look like at 39 weeks, especially since Miss S was 9.5 lbs! Yes, that is correct. As I have mentioned before, each day is like a new day of discovery on how the heck I am going to dress for work. Weekends are easy (LEGGINGS), the weekdays, not so much. I ordered some stuff from GAP and Old Navy to get me covered. This is me looking 6 months prego, my iPhone camera is not capturing my true glory.

Don't you love the sun shining through the shutters? Makes my shirt looked striped!
Tunic: GAP Maternity
Navy Blue Leggings: Forever 21
Navy Blue Scarf: Target
Argyle Socks: Macys
Grey Boots: Steve Madden

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Lindz said...

I hear you on the leggings, oy if only I could wear them everysingleday! So nice I am only 2 weeks behind you, kinda fun to have a bloggy buddy to experience this with.