Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fling

The weather on the west coast has been horrendous. It sure as heck does not feel like Spring, maybe a bit more like January. It was my Birfday on Saturday. It also poured all day long. Hubbs and I had a date night where we participated in a little Happy Hour and then tried a new French bistro. I then enjoyed some awesome carrot cake cupcakes that Hubbs picked up for me, my favorite. I somewhat followed the March Madness games but realized I was going crazy calculating possible outcomes. I am hovering towards the top of the pool, but we all know how quickly things can change. 

I did make it by the Gap Friends & Family Sale and picked up little S and Hubbs some gear. Oh, and I got a belt.  I bought Miss S some Spring clothes, but really it's hard to think about Spring when there is a forecast for torrential downpours for the next 10 days. Some things that I am vying for Spring, when this weather clears up.

This looks like black but it's navy.Nothing more chic to me than Navy. I prefer it over black any day.
These look like the perfect Spring staple to wear with skirts and my favorite-cropped pants!


Cee said...

Happy belated birthday! I decided to sit out March Madness this year. My heart couldn't take it after Kansas lost early last year :)

Where is that navy shirtdress from?! It's so classic. I want!

Mama Marshmallow said...

The dress is from The Loft.

Mama Marshmallow said...

I have only seen it online, haven't checked it out in the store yet. Loft dresses seem to be fitting weird lately.