Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Bliss

Okay, so I feel like my few and far between posts of late have only been of me bitching about being sick. Well, ain't that the truth. Since we moved I have been sick off and on and so has Hubbs, and little S. My cough just now seems to be going away (but not without the help of a little Codeine to help me sleep through it all). I finally feel like I am getting back to normal.

And without further ado... my b-day is just a week and a half away so I of course need to share what is on my wish-wish-wish list. For some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to upload pics, so I am linking, which is so not cool.

A new popcorn popper. I make a bowl of air popped popcorn almost every night. It is the best, but my cheapo popper from Walmart is on it's last leg. I am thinking I need a slight upgrade. I was looking at the fancier Cusinart, but it didn't get good reviews. This one looks like it will get the job done right.

Some casual wedges. I need a comfy pair to wear with skirts, etc. for the upcoming warm weather season. These in Navy look cute and practical.

This purse looks oh so pretty... and a great selection for spring & summer.

And of course no new purse would be complete without a nice wallet to go along with it. I love the red one of these.

Now I need to catch up on all my blogs!

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Momz Blotter said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog.
Hoping you will visit mine and follow me also. Look forward to seeing you there.