Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thoughts streaming through....

My brain is mush. How is it that at one minute I want to grab hubbs in a headlock for waking up Sonya with his ridiculously loud sneeze and the next minute he has never looked hotter as he plays with her on the couch? How come no one warned me that finding daycare is one of the hardest things to do? Why is it that Lucy decided to puke all over her dog bed last night and then fart the night away stinking up the entire house while I was trying to get Sonya to go back to sleep? How come Target never has Size 1 Pamper diapers in the family size pack? Who are the knuckleheads who label a sleeper 6 months when it can fit my 2 month old perfectly?


Jiff said...

LOL. welcome to the rest of your life!!! I have experienced every one of those moments/thoughts. lol.

My problem wasn't the family size 1 pampers, though. It was the preemie packs of diapers. Bayley was 7 weeks early and wore preemie diapers for quite some time. When I found some, I'd buy ALL of the packages. lol.

Now you are going to realize the world is run by idiots and that moms should run everything because HELLO. We know what we're doing, how to make things more efficient, and we're just that good. hehe.

MarvelousMOM said...

Oh goodness...thats a lot of thoughts. I am sure the fun is just beginning!

:) Have a good day!